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ROOTED IN RHTHYM | harmonize your life with your cycle ebook


inside this comprehensive guide, you'll begin on a transformative journey of self-discovery and learn how to leverage each phase of your cycle to your advantage. from menstruation to ovulation and beyond, you'll gain a deep understanding of the hormonal shifts that influence your physical, emotional, and cognitive states.


what’s included:

• a complete guide to understanding each phase of your monthly cycle

• healthy hormone tips 

• a how to eat, exercise, & live in alignment with each phase of your menstrual cycle.

• a how to on decreasing pms

• how to boost metabolism, mood  & energy 

• with purchase of the ebook a FREE GROCERY CHECKLIST for each phase 


this ebook provides you with practical strategies and actionable steps to implement cycle syncing seamlessly into your daily life. discover how to optimize your energy levels, reduce PMS symptoms, boost creativity, enhance focus, and nurture your overall well-being throughout the month.

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