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Since I was young I knew giving to women was a passion of mine. Giving fulfills me and it only made sense that my career path has been grounded and surrounded by helping women. Trained in Yoga & Pure Barre I know the importance of movement. But the connection of movement & mind is even more important.


My passion for well-belling, nutrition and healing has been rooted & grown the past ten years because of the blessings of my two Pure Barre studios. It is extremely powerful to see these communities of strong women lifting each other up. Even though I have been in a fitness based environment within my studios for years I wanted to increase my knowledge and skills. In this proper training program I have learned how to live a better life through eating well and taking care of myself. The personal healing I have received has been life changing; I finally feel like myself.  I have received very precise training on counseling and health coaching of others and how to walk beside my clients on their journey.

I have always been able to push my clients to their edge physically but now I can't wait to do the same emotionally. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition has given me so much light, insight and tools for a strong foundation for me to become a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach. I want to help my Enough Wellness clients to evolve. I want to coach them on how to create a healthier, happier more radiant life by reducing stress and creating a plan. Setting intentions and reaching goals is so individual and that is what makes us beautiful and unique. Usually in your own time you will bloom but I would love to help in the process.


Health is encompassing & has many layers. I want to support my clients to make step-by-step decisions that easily integrates food and lifestyle choices to hit certain goals. The ultimate goal is to be present, grounded and whole. I want to guide my clients who have scars from their past to view scars as beautiful life wounds that make them who they are. Let's wear our scars like wings and make peace with our broken pieces.

Having the opportunity to talk about your life, yours dreams and the goals you’d like to accomplish for your health is liberating. It is so beautiful when you see a woman brave enough to work on herself for herself. 

Enough Wellness is grounded on the concept that YOU are enough.

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